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About Us

Chill Spot Cryo is a boutique wellness studio located in North County San Diego. Our main focus, goal and passion, is to offer alternative therapies to our community for preventative and proactive holistic health measures. We started as a simple, one service, Whole Body Cryotherapy Studio and are slowly growing into an overall wellness studio. We are always working hard to provide and continue adding new services with the understanding that all bodies are not created equal. It is important to have options when seeking alternative therapies. Our team always strives to make every visit personal, educational and fun. Getting to know our clients on a personal level, so that we can properly educate and treat our clients based on their personal circumstances, vs. just selling a service. We also, only offer treatments that we truly believe in and stand behind 100% and that are non-invasive, safe, and natural. We do not offer any treatment, that we ourselves, have not utilized, and or have not experienced legitimate benefit(s) from. This allows us to share our own personal and honest experience with our clients, which we find to be truly important. You will feel the passion behind every explanation of our services vs. just a sales pitch, because we truly care about each person that walks through our door. Our clients play a huge role in the success of our business and the positive outlook and openess towards Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine.  We are thankful for our clients, our community, and the honest passion behind our Chill Spot Cryo team, who allows us to continue helping others and do what we love!